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Welcome to www.acehrotan.com.

The terms & conditions set out below govern the use of services offered by PT. Aceh Rotan related to the use of the site www.acehrotan.com. Users are advised to read carefully as they may affect the rights and obligations of Users under the law.

By registering and / or using the site www.acehrotan.com, users shall be deemed to have read, understood, understood and agreed to all content in the Terms & Conditions. These Terms & Conditions constitute agreements set forth in a legitimate agreement between Users and Aceh Rotan. If the user does not approve any, part or all of the Terms & Conditions, the user is not allowed to use the service at www.acehrotan.com.


  1. Aceh Rotan is an SME that runs the business activities of www.acehrotan.com web portal services, which is the sales site of rattan products. Hereinafter referred to as Aceh Rotan.
  2. The Aceh Rotan website is www.acehrotan.com.
  3. Terms & conditions are agreements between Users and Aceh Rotan which contain a set of rules governing user rights, obligations, responsibilities and Aceh Rotan, as well as procedures for using the Aceh Rotan service system.
  4. Users are parties who use Aceh Rotan services, including but not limited to buyers, sellers or other parties who simply visit Aceh Rotan Site.
  5. Buyer is a Registered User who makes a request for Goods Seller sells on the Aceh Rotan Site.
  6. Goods are tangible goods / have physical Goods that can be delivered / meet the criteria of delivery by freight forwarding company.
  7. Aceh Rotan Official Account is a joint account agreed upon by Aceh Rotan and its users for the process of buying and selling transactions at the Aceh Rotan Site.


  1. The User hereby declares that the user is a capable person and capable of binding itself in a legal agreement.
  2. Aceh Rotan does not charge registration fee to the User.
  3. The registered user is entitled to act as a Buyer
  4. Aceh Rotan without prior notice to the User, is authorized to take the necessary action on any alleged violation or breach of the applicable Terms and conditions and / or laws, such as the transfer of Goods to the warehouse, Goods removal, shop moderation, shop closing, cancellation Listing, account suspension, and / or deletion of user accounts.
  5. Aceh Rotan has the authority to close any shop or User account temporarily or permanently in the event of fraudulent conduct in transactions and / or violations of the terms and conditions of Aceh Rotan.
  6. Users are prohibited from creating and / or using other tools, software, features and / or tools intended to manipulate the Aceh Rotan system, including but not limited to: (i) store data manipulation; (Ii) crawling / scraping activities; (Iii) automation activities in transactions, buying and selling, promotions, etc.; (V) adding the product to the storefront; And / or (vi) other activities which can reasonably be considered as an act of system manipulation.
  7. The User is personally responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of accounts and passwords for all activities that occur under User accounts.
  8. Aceh Rotan will not ask for an email, username, password or SMS verification code or an OTP code of the User's account for any reason, therefore Aceh Rotan advises the User not to provide such data or other important data to a party acting on behalf of Aceh Rotan or any other party Can not be guaranteed security.
  9. User agrees to ensure that User leaves the account at the end of each session and notifies Aceh Rotan if there is unauthorized use of the User's password or account.
  10. The User hereby declares that Aceh Rotan shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the misuse of the User's account.


  1. Buyers are required to transact through transaction procedures established by Aceh Rotan. The buyer makes a payment using a payment method previously selected by the Buyer.
  2. When purchasing Goods, the Purchaser agrees that: (i) The buyer is responsible for reading, understanding and approving the goods' overall information / description (including but not limited to color, quality, functionality, etc.) before making a bid or commitment to purchase . (Ii) Buyer acknowledges that the actual color of the product as seen on the Aceh Rotan website depends on the Buyer's computer monitor. Aceh Rotan has done its best to ensure that the colors in the photographs displayed on the Aceh Rotan Site appear as accurate as possible, but can not guarantee that the colorful appearance of the Aceh Rotan Site will be accurate. (Iii) The user enters into a legally binding contract to purchase the Goods when the User buys an item.
  3. Related to the availability of stock The goods may change at any time, so that in the case of the Stock stock is empty, then Aceh Rotan will refuse the order, and the payment of the goods concerned shall be returned to the Buyer.
  4. The Buyer fully understands and agrees that any transactions conducted between Buyers and Sellers other than through the Official Account of Aceh Rotan and / or without the knowledge of Aceh Rotan (through facilities / personal networks, messaging, special transaction arrangements outside the Aceh Rotan site or any other effort) Personal responsibility of the Buyer.
  5. Aceh Rotan has full authority to refuse payment without prior notice.
  6. Payment by Buyer shall be made immediately (no later than within 2 days) after the Buyer has checked out. If within that time period the payment or confirmation of payment has not been made by the buyer, Aceh Rotan has the authority to cancel the transaction. User shall not be entitled to claim or demand for cancellation of such transaction.
  7. Confirmation of payment with cash deposit must be accompanied by news on deposit slip in the form of invoice number and name. Confirmation of payment with cash deposit without explanation will not be processed by Aceh Rotan.
  8. Buyer agrees not to notify or submit proof of payment to anyone other than Aceh Rotan. In the event of any loss due to notice or delivery of proof of payment by the Buyer to another party, then it shall be the responsibility of the Buyer.
  9. Buyer shall be obliged to confirm receipt of Goods, upon receipt of Purchase of Goods purchased. Aceh Rotan provides a time limit of 2 (two) days after the shipment is "shipped" in Aceh Rotan system, for Buyer to confirm receipt of Goods. If within such time limit there is no confirmation or claim from the Buyer, then Buyer shall declare to approve the confirmation of acceptance of Goods automatically by the Aceh Rotan system.
  10. After the confirmation of the receipt of Goods or confirmation of acceptance of Automatic Goods, then the transaction is considered complete.
  11. The buyer acknowledges and agrees that any claim posted after the automatic confirmation / confirmation of the receipt of Goods is not the responsibility of Aceh Rotan. Losses arising after the automatic confirmation / confirmation of the receipt of Goods shall be the responsibility of the Buyer in person.
  12. Buyer understands and agrees that any goods delivery problem caused by late payment is the responsibility of the Buyer.
  13. The buyer understands and agrees that the late payment process and additional cost issues caused by the difference between the bank that Buyer uses with the bank The official account of Aceh Rotan is the sole responsibility of the Buyer.
  14. Refunds from Aceh Rotan to Buyers may be made only in the following circumstances: (i) Overpayment of the Buyer on the price of Goods, (ii) The issue of delivery of Goods has been clearly identified from the Seller causing the Order of goods not to arrive, Iii) The seller can not afford the order due to out of stock, change of postage, or any other cause, (iv) the Seller has agreed to the delivery of Goods order, but after the specified deadline the Seller does not deliver the Goods until the specified time limit. (V) Problem solving through Resolution Center in the form of decision to refund to Buyer or result of decision from Aceh Rotan party.
  15. In the event of a refund process, the refund will be made by bank transfer in accordance with the refund amount.
  16. Aceh Rotan is authorized to make decisions on unresolved transaction issues due to the absence of settlement agreement, both between the Seller and the Buyer, by looking at the available evidence. The decision of Aceh Rotan is a final and irrevocable decision and binds both the Seller and the Buyer to comply.
  17. If Buyer chooses to use a bank transfer payment method, then the total payment will be added a unique code to make the verification process easier.
  18. Aceh Rotan has the authority to change the order status to be "sent" if there is no renewal of delivery status from the courier after 10 days since the receipt is input by the Seller and no further confirmation from the Buyer concerning the order item. Then within a period of 5 days from the change of status above, Aceh Rotan provides an opportunity for the Buyer to perform (i) the confirmation of receipt of the goods or (ii) the complaint. If within 5 days there is no confirmation of receipt of any goods or complaints from the Buyer, then Aceh Rotan has the authority to complete the transaction and is deemed to have performed the obligation to deliver the goods and inform the receipt number of the shipment. This reservation status adjustment will only be made if the shipping destination address listed on the booking invoice and the courier receipt are appropriate.


  1. Prices of Goods contained in the Aceh Rotan website are prices set by the Shop.
  2. The buyer acknowledges and agrees that price and other information errors caused by the non-renewal of the Aceh Rotan website page due to the browser / ISP used by the Buyer are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  3. The User understands and agrees that any problems and / or disputes arising from a disagreement between the Seller and the Buyer regarding pricing are not the responsibility of Aceh Rotan.
  4. By ordering through Aceh Rotan, the User agrees to pay the total fees to be paid as stated in the payment page, consisting of the price of the goods, postage, and other costs that may arise and will be described expressly on the payment page. User agrees to make payment via payment method pre-selected by User.
  5. The Aceh Rotan website currently serves only the Sale and Purchase of Goods in Rupiah.


The buyer understands and understands that Aceh Rotan has done its best to provide accurate shipping information to Buyers based on location, but Aceh Rotan can not guarantee the accuracy of such data with that of the local branch.

If you find the difference, please if possible to inform us through the contact us menu by providing price data obtained along with the city of origin and destination, so we can browse further.

The User understands and agrees that the difference in the cost of shipping the Goods is outside the responsibility of Aceh Rotan, and therefore, it is the Seller's own policy to cancel or keep delivering the Goods.


  1. Delivery of Goods in the Aceh Rotan system shall use the services of an expedition company that has obtained verification of an Aceh Rotan partner selected by the Buyer.
  2. Any provision in respect of the Goods delivery process is the sole authority of the freight forwarding service provider.
  3. The User understands and agrees that any problems that occur during the delivery of Goods by the freight forwarder are the responsibility of the shipping service provider.


This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, irrespective of the contradiction of the rule of law. You agree that any legal action or dispute that may arise from, relate to, or in any way relate to the Site and / or this Agreement shall be settled exclusively within the jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Indonesia.


Terms & conditions may be changed and / or updated from time to time without prior notice. Aceh Rotan recommends that you carefully read and review the pages of these Terms & Conditions from time to time to find out any changes. By continuing to access and use the Aceh Rotan service, users are deemed to agree to the changes in these Terms & Conditions.

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