Let's start using products that are environmentally friendly and not harmful to nature's sustainability. Rattan is a raw material that is available in nature in large quantities and when used in the industry also does not damage the environment so different from the use of wood that can damage the environment.

For that we provide rattan basket products for clothing so you have supported nature sustainability.

This product is made from rattan in Aceh with good processing so as to produce quality products. This basket is useful to keep your clothing condition is still good and can also beautify the look of your home.

Thank you for taking care of nature by using our environmentally friendly products.

Diameter 43 cm
Height 46 cm
Rattan Pitrite Diameter 3 mm
Weight 1 Kg

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Rattan Laundry Basket KL-33

  • Rp.450,000
  • Rp.350,000

Tags: Laundry, Basket